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Humanity's New Operating Complex
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SocietalSystem Global Deliberative Root-Surveys -
SocietalSystem Global Deliberative Root-Workshops
SocietalSystem Global Deliberative Root-Confereces
Parallel initiatives are projected to gradually be organized in all countries, regions and localities of the world, all connected.

SocietalSytem Global Root-Surveys Series
Questioning the members of the Global StS-Thinktank on fundamental concepts, features and projects of the SocietalSystem Complex
StS-Start General Survey
StS-Operating Charter Global
StS-System Info-ICT Global
StS-World SocietalSystem Organization Global

SocietalSytem Global Deliberative Root-Conferences Series
Deliberation with the members of the Global StS-Thinktank on fundamental concepts, features and projects of the SocietalSystem Complex
StS-Operating Charter Global Deliberative Root-Conferences
StS-System Info-ICT Global
Deliberative Root-Conferences
StS-World SocietalSystem Organization Global Deliberative Root-

SocietalSytem Global Deliberative Root-Workshops Series
Deliberation by the members of the Global StS-Thinktank on fundamental concepts, features and projects of the SocietalSystem Complex
StS-Operating Charter Global Deliberative Root-Workshops
StS-System Info-ICT Global
Deliberative Root-Workshops
StS-World SocietalSystem Organization Global Deliberative Root-


Take proactively part at the build-up, towards 2025, and build-out, towards 2030, of the
new operating system for Humanity and its World

SocietalSystem is looking for partners to participate proactively
in the conception of SocietalSystem ( StS )
, from data generating to impact strategy in general
and, in particular, steering the conception and realization of the proposed World SocietalSystem Organization. See link below.

Please, send proposals and references to:

A public relations campaign is being prepared to invite members of a selection
of societal systemic transition and governance research and dito action entities
to join, in their own name, SocietalSystem ( StS ) Thinktank.
Only individual people can be members of this platform. No sponsoring or subventions are accepted.
Finance should be self-finance by the participants and part of the future StS-Fund.

SocietalSystem ( StS ) Complex Outline
Synoptic, complete outline of the whole StS-Complex
SocietalSystem ( StS ) Crowd-Research and Construction Platform

Meta Crowd-Pogram 2020-2030 for a Societal Revision and Shift
of all Philosophical and Mental Concepts, Governance and Management Methods, Laws, Treaties,
Disciplines, Professions, Societal Sectors, Societal Entities, Products, Services and  Events.
Roughly every 250 years mankind lives a major change in the roots of its existence.
Now is the time for a new experience, this time a survival defining one.
Top of the revision topics: the twin Discipline Economlics and Discipline Law,
both outdated, and btw since ever, based on a series of aberrations, say clothes of the emperor.
See also: 
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StS-DataBank - StS-Societal Program - StS-Holding Socio-economy
StS-Foundation and StS-Fund
Personal and Professional Own-Domains Connection Platform
World SocietalSystem Organization
Local-Global Societal, Deliberative and Citizens' steered Co-Governance Platform,
gradually replacing party politics and  radically e-rationalizing  public administrations
See also
StS-Site UN SDG Sustainable Development Goals 2030 - StS-Site Climate Change
Extensive material for follow-up, research, governments, business and school applications of the given programs.
SocietalSystem Movies and Videos
Each Citizen and every Entity of the world, an Own-Domain
Personal Identity, Personal Organization,
Personal Access and Intervention to the Whole Local-Global Society
Impact of Transition Initiatives

SocietalSystem Online Interactive Platforms
Covering key-items on all main StS-Domains.


SocietalSystem ( StS ) Complex Outline
SocietalSystem ( StS ) Operating Charter
SocietalSystem ( StS ) Crowd-Research and Construction Program
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Date: 10.04.2020
SocietalSystem ( StS )